History and funding

We renamed ourselves Thame Senior Friendship Centre in 2020 after being called Thame and District Day Centre since our launch in 1986. When we first launched, we were based at the Thame Community Hospital in East Street. We have grown to accommodate 60 members a week but hope to increase this number in future.

We are a registered charity (number 1039978) and rely heavily on a grant from Oxfordshire County Council and Thame Town Council to deliver our core services, management and day-to-day running of the Centre.

A growing percentage of our funding to support activities, entertainment, outings and treats for our members comes from donations, grant applications, in-house fundraising and membership attendance fees.

Our team

The Thame Friendship Centre wouldn’t be able to operate without the support of a dedicated team of staff, Trustees and volunteers. Our team work together to support those who are isolated and vulnerable within our community.

Thame Senior Friendship Centre’s board of Trustees, all volunteers, comprise of various ages and experience across a range of occupations including nursing, healthcare management, business management and finance. We also work with the Oxford Hub in supporting young volunteers who wish to learn about being a trustee and can support them to become a trustee in the future.

We have a total of 4 paid members of staff, a manager, deputy manager, dinner lady plus another lady who works on an ad hoc basis to cover holidays.

Overall, we have a team of 35 volunteers, those who help during the day at the Centre plus volunteer drivers.

We’re keen to continue growing our volunteer team and encourage people of all ages to get involved. You can find out more about volunteering here.


We currently have 60 members. Members join us 1-3 times a week for a catch up with friends, lunch and entertainment in the lovely setting of Thame Cricket Pavilion. Members pay an attendance fee of £15 for the day, which includes transport to and from home, drinks, lunch and the entertainment. A small additional charge may be made for transport if you come from outside our usual catchment area.

If you or someone you know would like to join as a member of Thame Senior Friendship Centre, then visit our membership page.

Associations and groups

We are a member of Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA).